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Most Scottsdale tax preparation & CPA firms lack personality,
we don’t have that problem.

At Tax Goddess Express we love helping you
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Our  Qualities  Why Should I use Tax Goddess Express?  Because,…
Fast & Easy simple easy fast We are easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to talk to. We get your tax return done quickly so you can get your refund faster!
Top Quality quality guaranteed We provide CPAs who prepare your returns, not just someone who took a one-time class. We have over 100+ years of experience and are licensed to practice in front of the IRS!
Friendly Staff Wouldn’t it be nice if the person preparing your return could answer your questions in plain simple English? Wouldn’t it be great to know they’ve got your back in case of an audit or IRS issue?

 If you’ve dealt with other tax preparation services or other Scottsdale CPA firms, you’ll find our approach very refreshing as we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are not a stuffy tax preparation firm. However, we understand your taxes are serious business and we are here to help! (Find out why we are different than other tax prep places.)

Tax Goddess Express is here to help you get what needs to be done, done right, done fast, and done with ease (with an extra helping of personality thrown in for free!). Click here to meet some of our staff. (Click Media Appearances to see us on TV!)

Our team of tax professionals will become your team of tax professionals. You’ll get to work with a motivated, integrated, and efficient tax preparer to help you get the job done.  We stand with you to make sure everything tax & financial related in your life is handled, so you worry less and focus more of your time on your day-to-day activities and goals.

  Is the IRS knocking on your door?

We can help. Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • Are you late filing your taxes?
  • Do you have multiple years that you need to file?
  • Are you worried about getting everything filed right?
  • Have you received a notice of levy, lien, or other notice?

We can help with all of these and more! Whether your problem is big or small– give us a call –  602-357-3275 or Contact Us Here, we can help!

  Do you Own a Business?

If you own a small business and need help in any of the following areas the Tax Goddess can help! Click the links to see what else we can do to helo you today!

  • Business tax return preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Sales Tax Issues
  • Entity Formation / Advice
  • IRS audits about a business

The Tax Goddess team is here to help you with all your small business needs.  Contact us today or call 602-357-3275 and we can help!


*Please note that if you do not meet the qualifications for using the Tax Goddess Express program we will direct you to work with our main office of Tax Goddess*